Having presence of competition on daily basis interaction is something which can’t be ignored. But having competition with our own self is what the real powerful challenge is. Having competition with others in order to win or to be better than others is not going to benefit us since it will push is in the bin of stress and being agressive on others. Let’s have the rivalry with the failure past in order to come up new start and not with other humans for your ego satisfaction. Competition is not just to win but to get better and better on daily basis, generation of new skills on daily basis, improvement on daily basis. Challenge yourself to build new higher standard. Having competitive nature, is not all having winning situation but it’s all about emerging our own self in new things.

Reasons for why we should be competitive with our own selves:-

  • Having a competitive nature with our own selves, always keeps us motivating. Always we should try to learn from the past achievements, which unlimitely motivate us or you can say strength us for the further achievements. In case we fail in some or the other situations, let’s try to compete those failure situation for the bright shine and victory smile of the great achievement of tomorrow.
  • Having competition with own selves, this generate more clarity and set our selves to various goals and targets. By staying competitive with one own self, helps us to achieve targets and goals which unlimitely causes to achieve higher progress.
  • Being more competitive to one own self thus inspire us to greater creativity. Being competitive thus open doors of achieving step in various skills. We are able to become a quick problem solver or you can say takle even the most hazardous situation in our pace.
  • Having competition with own selves thus cause is to do more self reflection. We always try to do more self reflection things. Our weakness may become positivity, our negativity may become positivity, our bad habitual things will become more affirmative habitual things. Improving in self reflection this beneficial in long run.
  • Having competition with own nature thus beneficial than having competition with other. Try to reflect the past where you failed, or loss in order to come up with new startup were there is only presence of respect, positivity, success and pleasure. Don’t try to compare yourself with others since it not gonna benefit you in long run. The crown of success you will achieve is when you defeat your past failure and come up with the bright future of victory and shine of positivity which will reflect on others because of you.

……………… thankyou………………..


In today’s world, depending on others for various works is like keeping a huge trust on evils. Being dependent on others, is worst part since it weaken us from various side and different aspects of life. Being self independent, always try to recognise yourself in all. You won’t able to be independent, if you are not aware about your present. To become self dependent, try to challenge yourself to fight, to take and to face various humorous situations and battles. Try to upgrade yourself on daily basis . In short, instead on updating your profile on social media, always try to update yourself daily, only than you can fix the track of being self independent on your way. Making dynamic decision on your own can build a first stage of being self independent. Always try to fulfill your own need first, make yourself comfortable and explore yourself. Soothing ourselves depends upon the life cycle which can unlimitely build by self confidence.


  • Being self independent, you are able to boost your confidence. You always try to take decision on your  personal issues which are affective. You will try to come up with new things that you want to do, rather of expecting those things by others. The best advantage of being self independent is that you will generate more experience than the people who have less independent individual. The confidence which you have generate automatically leads you to take bigger risk and unbeaten paths that eventually returns bigger rewards.
  • For self independent, try to less reliance on other, the quite simple reason is that no one cares of others been selfish. Been self independent you are able to make choice on your own and you may not feel shy or embrace to go through challenges in your life. Having the statue of been self independent, will be more appreciated by people and will willingly concern you for various issues.
  • Been a self independent, you should also be emotional independent to reduce the stress and promote the happiness. Don’t drag the other people to solve your emotionally faced problems , try to face the upcoming challenges on your own. Don’t entertain people by your problems, it not gonna give you any kind of results.
  • Along with emotional independence, their is a huge need of being financially independence. It leads to grab your freedom and a sense of accomplishment. Been self financially independent, hence reduce the dependence or been rely on parents, friends, or others. You should always try to grab the entire control of income and expenditure. The more you pressure yourself on been financially independent, the more you are free from stress and tension.
  • Being self independent, you are eligible to make better and affirmative decisions. You should build that confidence by which you are affected or win by your own decisions. If you are dependent on other for emotional and financial support, thus will ruin the path of making appropriate decisions.

……………… thankyou………………


MBA stands for master in business administration, which is considered as the post graduation degree in business communication. It is internationally designed degree to recognise and develop the skills required for the career in both business and management fields. The value of MBA thus only stuck to the business world. An MBA can also be useful for those who want to pursue a managerial career in the public sector, government, private sector, and other areas. MBA programs can provide graduates practical skills which are necessary to excel in management and leadership positions. MBA programs helps you to introduce to valuable knowledge about business and it’s related aspects. You learn about business strategies and concepts. After pursuing the degree in MBA you are eligible to get jobs of the particular management fields with salary 4-6 lpa (lakhs per annum)for beginners, 6-10 lpa( lakhs per annum) for 5 years experienced person and 10- 25 lpa(lakhs per annum) for the experienced person for 10 to above years. Let’s explore the top 3 specialization in MBA career.

1. MBA in marketing (Master of business administration in marketing)

MBA in marketing means people who are in charge of marketing goods or services of any organisation needs to able to create effective marketing strategies and convey their message to the people efficiently. Marketing is very much important part of any business. Without various marketing techniques any industry can’t survive in the business. Pursuing MBA in marketing will help you to develop skills about the functioning of marketing and consumer behaviour. MBA specialization in marketing is one of the most opted after main – stream courses. You will able to develop strategies and process to accomplish organization goals. You will able to learn various skills involving communication skills, analytical skills, mathematical skills, problem solving skills, business ethics, ability to integrate ideas and leadership which will definitely help you to prosper at industry level. You can develop your career in various fields like advertising, consultant, banking, MMCG, retail tourism, etc. After completing your MBA in marketing you can get jobs as a marketing manager, brand manager, sales manager, media planning, marketing research analysis, products manegement, etc. MBA in marketing explore you to the path of media sector which is in more demand compare to other specialised fields in MBA.

2. MBA in finance ( Master of business administration in finance)

Finance is considered as the backbone of management field. Without finance hence nothing is possible. Those people wish to do MBA in finance need to be quick thinkers, have high energy to deals with different aspects of financial markets, and most importantly needs a huge patience to deal with clients and explain things to them. Finance is most integral part of the economy, sectors and organisations. If you are desiring to become a finance professional you need to take great stand out in your business, come up with new dynamic and innovative business ideas, have good management skills and to know various creative marketing techniques. Doing MBA in finance is one of specialization which will enhance your knowledge about financial skills, business ideas and knowledge about the economy of the country. MBA in finance will open your ways in different industries like corporate sector, banking, real estate business, investment services, etc. MBA in finance will help you to build foundation, both in pratical and theoretical knowledge that will help you to understand the investment strategies, local and global economics, insurance and the corporate risk. MBA in finance helps to provide education or rather focus on economics, leadership, statistics, strategies and marketing, too. After doing MBA in finance, you are eligible to do career in accounting management, credit management and specialization, financial analysis, corporate controlling, finance officer and treasurer, Insurance and risk manager, investment bankers, investing sales traders and associates, chief financial officer, cash manager, manager consultant, investment banking associates.

3. MBA in Human resources (HR)-(Master of business administration in human resource)

Human resources management is the backbone of any organisation in creating a skilled and knowledgeable workforce. Human resources management mostly focus on recruiting, traning, and development and managing workforce regulations. Moreever, it also deals with several other aspects of the organization like providing compensation, assessment of performance, health welfare and safety assessments. Working towards on MBA in HR will give you more opportunities and expertise in the various fields of HR such as traning, employees, relation, and strategy. Human resources (HR) is considered as the very challenging profession. Moreever, HR is the key part of any organisation. A number of jobs are available for higher packages. Also, the job opportunities related to HR fields are increasing across the globe. After pursuing MBA in HR, you can get selected in higher reputated companies in India as well as abroad. After doing MBA in HR , you are eligible to the career options like HR generalist, HR manager, HR director, senior HR manager, VP of operations. The best advantage of doing MBA in HR is that it will significantly helps you in your personality development as well as growth.

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In daily life, we come under various arguments. The argument which are out of sense, not so useful in other words waste of time. It can be difficult to tell the difference between someone who likes to do arguments because they likes to conflict and someone loves arguments since they like testing things of each other through debates. The one and only reason for arguments is having ego. Some people are just stuck to there egos. Sometimes having egos lead such people to do stupid things. The main cause been arguing is may due to lack of understanding. Sometimes we don’t listen to other people, since we feel that we always right. Sometimes doing quite compromise is good since it stops us from doing not so worthy arguments. Doing arguments hence nothing gonna give you good results, rather it will lead you to loads of non wanting frustration. And yes never to fight or argue for satisfaction because no one is going to give you award for your worst arguing talents.

Here are some reason why arguments are worst:-

  • There is not at all need to argue as we probably aren’t going to change anyone’s mind or nature of been arguing when we argue with someone. Some people try to react strongly in opposition of others. And arguing with people having huge ego is probably not of use since they always try to put mental blocks.
  • Having loads of arguments with other, it happens such that the person with whom you got argue may not agress you in something. There are much more chances that the other person will be right that’s why doing arguments is not good for something you are wrong though.
  • Though you are right by your side in fights or argument, though you win those arguments, still you are haven’t won or received any kind of benefits from it. Because doing any kind of fight won’t be worthy in long run. The thing is that you don’t crave anything from it.
  • Though having arguments not gonna impress anybody. No one is gonna be seems cool person. For other people your arguments will be just sort of entertainment. No one would come to stop you from such arguments because they will search a kind of spice in your fights or arguments.
  • Doing arguments with others may spoil your relationship with them. Getting into an argument with someone will not make you like each other. Having arguments gives loads of negative energy which ruins the track of relationships.
  • Having a argument with someone really won’t be that easier. It may sound so simple, but simplicity doesn’t exist more. Try to avoid arguments, because why to waste time and energy in those things which not gonna benefit you in long run????
  • Doing arguments with love ones because of your over possissive nature, if you are doing so, oh please you need to stop somewhere. Being arguing because you are possissive is not at all fruitful. Let your love ones live in their comfort zones and not under your burden.



Most of us are aware of various dance form. Dancing is been my favourite form of hobby since childhood. Upto now, I have learnt many dance form like hip hops, locking, krumps, etc, but which I am most obsessed about is twerking dance form. Twerking involves squatting down low and popping your butt back and forward in motion. Twerking helps to strengthen the muscles in almost every part of body. Twerking helps to shape the entire body figure. Twerking is basically done as a part of workout in order to lose weight. You can burn up upto 500 calories in 1 hour of doing twerk. I have started to learn twerk dance since 1 month and trust me , best experience ever. If people probably girls and women interested to learn any kind of dance form, please learn how to twerk first because the reason behind the twerk dance is that there are loads of benefits you get in our daily routine.

Benefits of doing twerking dance on daily basis are as follows:-

When you start to twerk, you are holding a squat for moulding better part shaped like for an hour. This helps to shape the muscles of your legs and butt, twerking workout is definately healthy for the body as you are able to remove the unnecessary fats in the different parts of the body(i.e hips,legs,belly).

Most important part in our life is to build self confidence. Twerking not only increase confidence with your partner but also it also spreads into other aspects of our life. When you learn to twerk, it will automatically boast your self confidence and makes your body curves more flexible.

Twerking helps to release the entire stress from the body. Twerking can helps to lose loads of calories , so you don’t need the emergence of doing workout and gyms at home. Do twerking every day for one hour, and release your stress and burst out your overactive calories.

Twerking not only about the body workout but also it is workout for brain since it clutches the entire cycle of brain, nourishes it. Twerking is beneficial than another dance form because twerking focused the brain to make rapid decisions about how you will make your next move as compared to other dance forms.

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Well, we all get the basic movements like smiling, frowning, and chewing can lead a huge wrinkles on our face that sometimes makes you tired or angry, because most of the people don’t like the face with loads of wrinkles on their faces,which seems for people nervous as they try to ignore the growing age effects. In order to smooth wrinkles, people seeks various cosmetic treatments. In various treatment, most of the people think of Botox first. Botox, the brand name for botulinum toxin type A, is the only treatment approved by the food and drug administration. It works by using a purified substance produced by bacteria that is then injected into the skin. The toxic blocks nerve impulses, temporarily paralyzing muscles that causes wrinkles and giving you a smoother, more refreshed appearance. Along with many advantages of this treatment there are many disadvantages too.

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of Botox treatment are as follows:-

Advantages of Botox treatment:-

  • Botox treatment helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. When the bacterium is injected into the muscles wrinkles, it renders them unable to contract. This forces the muscles to relax so that the corresponding wrinkles can soften and disappear. This surgery helps to reduce the most frustrating sign of age.
  • Botox makes subtle lifts in your face with a liquid facelift which give natural- refreshed appearance that requires no surgery and practically no downtime.
  • This treatment helps to tackle with oily skin and it reduces visible pores, acnes, pimples with microbotox.
  • Botox helps to restore a youthful state, so that you will always seem young, no doubt how old you grow or how old your age is.
  • Many mens and womens are turning their minds to Botox to create a ideal shape. An oval or heart shaped face is thought to be more attractive. Botox offers a non surgical solutions. This technique is especially popular fo the women who are seeking a more refined and feminine facial shape, or fir the people who feel their face shape makes them look heavier.
  • This treatment is much more beneficial to those people who get sweating instantly. This treatment helps to decrease overactive sweating, soaks the entire sweat.

Disadvantages of Botox treatment:-

  • Botox is the treatment which gives you temporary results. The effects of this treatment can last for 2-8 months.
  • The cost of normal single Botox treatment is inexpensive, but the multiple amount of treatment, hence charge a huge cost.
  • Once you are done with Botox treatment, you required to intake large amount of medicine with every visit in order to achieve results similar to first application.
  • Facials skin is highly sensitive to the fine syringe needles which is used to administer Botox , which puts you to horrible pains and bruising(causes wounds).
  • Botox treatment is not at all recommend for pregnant womens and people more than 65 years.

What do you people feel about this treatment.. beneficial or disaster?…please comment below.

……………….. thankyou……………….


We sometimes forget how been private or keeping privacy is essential. Privacy is all about respecting individuals. A person always has a reasonable desire to keep some or the other things private. Privacy enables people to manage their reputation. How we are judge by other affects our opportunities, friendship, and overall wellbeing. In relationship whether personal, professional, governmental or commercial, we depend upon trusting other people, but somehow keeping blind trust is not worthy. Privacy helps us to maintain appropriate social boundaries both physically and informationelly. Privacy help us to protect our ability to associate with other people and gives us a huge freedom of social and political activities. So let’s focus on top 5 things of which keeping privacy is must.

1. Your goals

Setting a goal does not always unlimite in the desirable changes. Thus, a critical solution would have to address how to close the gap between intension and implementation. One demonstrate way to close the gap is to privatize your intensions. People always tend to make their goals public, but the truth is that doing publicizing intension might discourage your chances to achieve goals. Making goals and any progress towards implementation generate positive towards feelings. In order for these emotions to be motivation until our goals are realised, the reward as to be realised. Our brain cannot always generated best new ideas about goals. When our brain is tricked into thinking that the goal was achieved, it stops investing energy towards further implementation action. The more the people compliment our identity goals, the less likely we actually work on goals to become more competent.

2. Love life

Sharing love life in public is most worst thing rather not so important. What is most important is that partners are respectful and show love towards each other. Your relationship will be better when you and your partner accept the other person’s need of privacy and are sensitive to any cause. Relationship work best when the partners work collaboratively to manage their boundaries around privacy. Relationship becomes trustworthy when partners feel invested in each other feeling safe, supported and accepted. Thus instead of making relationship open, first try to understand the importance between you and your partner. Making love life public thus make other people discourage you by various ways, though you are much more comfortable with your relationship.Try to keep your relationships far from social obligations.

3. Bank details.

Although, we all like to think that all people or services store our valuable information securely, this isn’t always the case. While you think you are safe if a company, landlord, or otherwise stores hard documents of your information, which is somewhat true, it’s still a risk. For example, of your landlord or company mentors keeps a blank copy of your check in a filling cabinet that doesn’t lock, your information can be exposed to anyone or everyone who has access to that cabinet. Even though there’s not much sure an employer, landlord, friend or company is storing your information securely. Unlike people you know other people of whom you are not much aware about asking for your personal bank details you have the right to ask questions before sharing the information. Although, simply knowing someone really well or using a big name service is not a reason to share your banking information. In today’s world, sharing bank details with E- commerce sites may cause some extra problems, as there is no shortage of healthy hackers to hack information.

4. Daily plans

There is not all problem in implementing new plans on daily basis. Planning or making daily strategic routine can make you more aware about the situation and your mind is totally set up for upcoming days. For the purpose, you don’t need to advertise your new journey to anyone, try to keep privacy atleast of your daily plans. However, sometimes it’s good to validate your personal development plan with several key people. These may be with co-workers, family members, close friends, and not with the strangers. While some people may not support you throughout your personal development journey. They may try to always point out your failure, discourage you from new people and resources.

5. Your family issues

Every family has their own problems, and those affected don’t benefits from strangers understanding such facts. There are more of disadvantages of sharing parental problems to everyone because family members may be ashamed or feel uncomfortable, only because you believe you did to feel better for yourself. Sharing parental issues in public may cause more negativity which may not improve your circumstances. Remember, there is always a difference between asking a help and gossiping. While sharing issue in order to receive advice is somehow fine or you can say necessary. However, giving parental information to other may be use to slander is not ok basically.

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Tourist are flocking to a faint toxic pit in Montana, in USA. Approximately 35,000 people go to the Berkeley pit every year. It’s not the most glamorous attraction in Butte, Montana, but it’s one of the only places in the world where you can see toxic waste. Though, the Berkeley pit was considered as a toxic destination, still it as been attracting visitors. The pit started as an “open pit” copper mine. In the 1960s, there was a viewing deck where visitors could peer over the pit and watch men at work extracting metal. But the toxicity didn’t stop the visitors. It just attracted some new once. The lake is tinged a sickly green from iron deposits that never dissolve, they just linger in the water. It measures more than a mile long and a half mile wide. The pit is currently a 1085- foot – deep deposit of toxic water, and it’s rising about seven feet each year.

Montana which is located in US has a toxic lake name Berkeley pit. It is a dead place stitched with skeletal plants and sentinel tree trunks, river by rills of cloudy, unspeakable polluted water, laid bare against a paste sky. There is no sense of space or time here. Though it might seen an irredeemable place, it turns out that the pit is a rich of unusual extremophilic microorganisms, which have produced novel and compelling bioactive metabolites. In other words, the water is filled with a hardly assortment of fungi, algae, protozoans, and bacteria, many of which have shown great promise as producers of potential anticancer agents and anti inflammation.

So here are some facts about Berkeley pit

  • The Berkeley pit is currently 1038 feet deep and it’s currently contains over 42 billions gallons of water.
  • Since the resumption of mining in the east continental pit in 2004, water has risen over seven feet per year. Only 109 feet remains before reaching critical water level in the Berkeley pit and 86 feet to reach the critical water level in Anselmo mine.
  • It fills at rate of between 3 to 4 million gallons per day. In addition, 3 to 4 million gallons is used in the current mine operation.
  • It is the largest contaminated body of water in the United States. It is the third- deepest lake in the world, considering it is connected to the Butte mines.
  • It lies at the headwaters of the Clark fort and Columbia River Basins.
  • It is the largest mine flooding that has ever taken place in the world.
  • The pH of the water at some level is less than two, or worse than battery acid.
  • It is estimated that there are 10,000 miles of funnels underneath Butte.

………………. thankyou…………………


Earning money has always been associated with restrictions to traditional ‘offline’ routine. With the internet taking over a large part of our life, more people are looking towards the ways to earn money online in order to increase their financial inflows. There are numerous streams through which we all can earn money, but is quite necessity to be careful of the platform that we are opt for. So, I am here to entitled you about top 5 streams through which money can be earn online.

1. Google adsense

This advertising program was launched in mid 2003 by Google and currently the most popular advertising program on internet. It provides best opportunity for webmasters and site owners to monetize their traffic every year , google pays over $10 billions to the publishers. Over 10 million of website around the world are using Google adsense. Google adsense provides you with high level of security, safety and transparency for both advertiser and publishers. Google acts as an intermediary between the two sides and it mindful of the whole process being transparent and clear for everyone. Adsense introduce you variety of ad formals. In adsense, advertisers can run text, images, HTML, ads , video ads and much more, and in different sizes. As a publisher, you can experiment with different ad types and figure out which one drive the most revenue.

2. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is an innovative and genuine marketing strategy that allow entrepreneur, regardless of their business size, create a good source of income for the people who are quite interest in marketing through online survey. It does not need monetary investment, but hard work in terms of promoting the affiliate products to network of potential buyers on the web. Generally, there is no investment in buying product services. There is no need to deal with customers and vendors. There is no responsibility of shipping and payment. You work on own terms while earning a sizeable amount of profit from your efforts. A low level affiliate can earn from $0/days upto $300/ day. An intermediate affiliate can earn from $300/day up to $3000/day. While the high level affiliate can earn above $3000/day. Affiliate marketing is considered as a best source in order to earn money in todays world.

3. Webinars

Webinars may be the perfect marketing and sales medium for you if you are looking for the way to boost profit. Having such knowledge can also be your advantage. The most direct way to make money with webinars is to charge admission price to your live online events. People will pay thousands of dollars to learn about the specific topics from verifiable experts. Secondly, you can earn money through webinars by using your screen time to demo and sell your company’s products. Unlike paid webinars, products demo webinars are usually free for attendees. Money is made at the end when the product being demonstrated is put for a sale. Best to beat earning from webinars too.

4. YouTube

Youtube is a Google owned website that allows its users to upload videos, subscribe to other users channel and make money through monetize their video. The videos uploaded on the the platform are free to watch. Apart from providing video sharing platform, youtube also provides a specialised platform for games and music. In order to earn on YouTube try to use affiliate links on YouTube. Secondly, become a youtube patner and earn from ads. Thirdly, optimize your youtube channel for sales. Choose your niche(goodwill or business name), become a youtube patner and start planning your marketing funnel. You will start earning as soon as you will achieve million of subscribers and viewers , obviously it will take time.You can earn from $20000 to $50000 if there is loads of traffic around your channel. Though youtube is best source of earning still it stands second stream.

5. Blogging

Blogging is an activity that anyone can engage in – it’s easy, cheap and available to everyone. And while the ultimate reason may be different for each individual, for personal and professional growth. Once you start blogging you will able to monetize your writing skills. You will become more organized thinker. Writing gives you time to organize your thoughts as well as rethink, re- phrase, delete, edit and change your beliefs. Through blogging, you will able to build a healthy emotional outlet. Through blogging, you will able to develop healthier habits. Through blogging, you will able to exposed other perspectives. Startup of blogging can certainly make a difference in others people lives. No matter what you discuss or how unique your situation, there is always a chance that someone else is experiencing similar challenges or situations. You will able to build self confidence. Your earnings on blog will start as soon as you will generate loads of viewers and couple of followers . If you are beginners, than you may earn between $ 100 and $10,000 per month. On the average, a typical blogger can earns around $3000 to $4000 a month. And once you become an experienced blogger you can earn upto $3000 + too.

……………….. thankyou…………………


There is sort of necessity to make numerous changes in our life. A change in life may push us to our comfort zone. Life becomes easy in comfort zone. You get experience more things through your life. Changes are beneficial because you have the opportunity to embrace and come up with new experience. Changes in life make you realise what you really are. Changes in life makes you more flexible and adaptable. You may find new kind of fun through new experience.So, I am here to entitled you top 5 things which definitely change your life.

1. Work on your goals

It is very much necessity to work rather concentrate no goals. Setting goals provides direction and destination. Setting goals clearly focus our mind to what is most important to achieve. Setting goals gives you clarity of how to make decision. Setting goals hands over you control of your future. Working on goals provides you motivation. It gives you a sense of personal satisfaction. Setting goals acknowledge you a sense of purpose in your life.

2. Learn from your mistakes

Learning from mistakes is essential since reframing your mistakes gives you opportunity to learn and develop your skills. It is necessary to review what went wrong, in order to understand and learn from your mistakes. Try to identify the skills, knowledge, resources, or tools that will keep you from repeating the error. Doing mistakes is not a big problem, it happens so since it’s human error. Instead of thinking of mistakes, try to work it out, learn from it and make your life worthy.

3. Build your skills weekly

It is essential to build on your skills on daily basis. If you are afraid of public speaking, for instance, take a course or join a group that help people become better public speakers. If you are afraid of taking risks, find a mentor who can help you to make good decisions and build your confidence. Reading expands our knowledge and vocabulary, so try to read atleast one book a month. Try to learn new topics, whether you did it for yourself or sign up for the class. Try to come up with and join new courses, emerge yourself to learn new creativity.

4. Avoid negative people

Negative people can affect your attitude since they may try to discourage you and may not appreciate your work. Negative people around you may give negative feedbacks which may affect your thinking capacity or may ruin your creative imagination. Negative people around you always try to drain your energy. They don’t even try to encourage you. If you are friend with negative peoples, they will revel in stagnation and negative thinking and they really do not want to grow. Because they don’t want to grow, they just want to encourage you from the growth as well. The only way to move forward in your life is to associate with the people who are also moving forward and will help you move forward with yours.

5. Exercise on daily basis

Apart from the daily routine, excercise is too important in our daily lives, but we may or may not know why and what excercise can do for us. It’s important to remember that we have evolved from nomadic ancestors who spent all the time moving around in search of good and shelter, travelling large distance on daily basis. Our bodies are designed and have been evolved to be regularly active. Excercise increases energy level. Excercise improves both the strength and the efficiency of your cardiovascular system to get the oxygen and nutrients to your muscles. Excercise improves muscle strength. Staying active muscles strong and joints, tendons and ligaments flexible allowing you to move more easily and avoid injury. So, excercise daily may definitely change you physical.

So here are top five things which will definitely change your life. Hope you will like it.



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